Other Portfolio

Here are some other creations that don’t involve masks. Click the pictures for more information on each of them.

Alien Gun

Space Animal Enterprise

Cloud Scale Notebook

Glowing Eyes Notebook

Stone Scale Notebook

Dragon Skin Notebook

Robot Heart

Black Dragon EggBlack dragon egg with chunky scaly surface and metallic highlights.

Turquoise Dragon Egg
Shiny turquoise dragon egg.

Alien Dark Matter Egg
Reflective purple sphere made up of many flat, faceted sides.

Cardboard FedoraCardboard fedora. It's brown, and its chunky texture is visible. There's a black band painted around it and black painted on the rim.

Cardboard Dog Bone Magnets

ProtectorWhite bird with golden beak and outstretched wings sitting atop planet.

Titan StandRight angle view of cardboard Titan mask stand.

Sculpture composed of three black and gold "arms" twisting up in a helix pattern.

White sculpture made of interlocking wooden blocks on black background.

KeeperRed box with hands sculpted into the sides that appear to be gripping it.

Yellow-brown skull face on stone grey background.

Little Fossil
Grey stone color tile with yellow-brown "fossil organism" in it.

Green Lizard
Green-blue lizard with pattern of white triangles on its back, head, legs, and tail.