Black Dragon Egg

Black dragon egg with chunky scaly surface and metallic highlights. It is on a brownish egg holder with claws. Cedar trees are in the background.

Primary materials for egg: Newspaper, tape, paper napkins, glue, acrylic paint.
For holder: Aluminum foil, tape, paper napkins, glue, rocks, coat-hanger wire, acrylic paint.

I made this for a dragon enthusiast. For the most part I used techniques from my mask making, and as you can see, some of the colors and shapes are quite similar to other projects I’ve done.

The egg was fairly straightforward to do. I made a core out of newspaper, and coated it in a thin layer of paper-napkin mache. I then applied thicker sections to make the scale pattern, and cleaned them up with a grinder. After a few more rounds of filling in spots and grinding and sanding, it was ready to paint.

This process took a while just because of drying time, and because the shape meant I couldn’t work on the whole thing at once. But nothing particularly unexpected happened to slow work down beyond that.

I went through various ideas for how to paint this, but eventually settled on black with silver and gold highlights.

Rotated view of dragon egg.
Slightly rotated view.

Egg holder without the egg in it, on a stump. It is brownish and ring-shaped with five claws and ridges on its sides.
Dragon egg with gravel in the background. Its color appears different than before: More golden and less shiny.
You can see how much lighting and background can influence the apparent color of this.
Egg holder without the egg in it, on gravel background. Its color appears warmer and browner than before.
Top-down view of egg holder on gravel background.

For the holder, I wanted something that would look good with the egg but wasn’t too big, complicated, or distracting.

There’s coat-hanger wires in the “arms” for strength. I imbedded three small rocks in the bottom to contact the ground, so this can be moved around or put wherever without scraping any paint off.

I painted it the ancient bony look, and also added a few metallic highlights to tie in with the egg, but you can’t really them see in the pictures.

Overall this was a fun project that I’m quite happy with.