Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is cloth-mache?
A: The same concept as papier-mache, but using strips of cloth instead of paper, and glue instead of flour and water. When the glue dries it makes the fabric stiff but slightly flexible. To make a mask, I build up a shape using various materials like metal mesh and tape, and cover it with cloth-mache. I got the name and technique from watching Dan “The Monster Man” Reeder videos on YouTube. They’re worth checking out. Here’s his channel and website.

Q: What materials have you used?
A: Cloth, various types of papier-mache, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, and clay. Those are the main ingredients. Each mask typically has many other types of materials used in small quantities.

Q: How durable are these?
A: It totally depends on the mask. I see them as artwork that is wearable, rather than something meant for heavy use. Some are fragile.

Q: How comfortable are they?
A: It varies. I usually put effort into making them wearable. However, sometimes I’m more interested in doing something that looks as cool as possible, so practicality takes a back seat.

Q: Are these one size fits all?
A: Most are designed for a medium-large head. Some are adjustable to a degree, or could be padded for someone with a smaller head.

Q: Are they for sale?
A: Yes, unless specifically stated otherwise. If one of these masks is singing to you, contact me, and we can discuss next steps.

Q: I have an idea for a custom mask you’ve never made. Can you make it for me?
A: It all comes down to the specifics of the project. Don’t hesitate to contact me about it.