Conduit Cable Bug Mask

Materials: Face shield, EVA foam, foam clay, automotive conduit cables, electrical wires, aluminum foil, thermoplastic, acrylic paint, liquid epoxy, various other glues.

This mask is built around a face shield I bought online. I cut a window into it, and then built up a shape around it, using pieces of EVA foam and foam clay. I then began covering it in automotive conduit cables of various lengths and sizes.

Once I had pretty much covered everything with conduit cable, I started adding wires that came from about 20 old electronic devices.

The eyes are made from cores of aluminum foil and covered in foam clay. When that dried I cut half-inch-long sections of conduit cable and glued them onto the eye cores pointing outward. I then rolled balls of thermoplastic, painted them gold, and glued them into the conduit cable holes.

The antennae are made from many conduit cables glued together. This is supposed to be a bug mask, not a rabbit mask, and as soon as I started putting on the antennae, I saw it getting a bunny-ear look. It was too late to change course at that point, but if I were to make this again, I’d change this aspect a bit.

I made the tips of the mandibles and antennae using thermoplastic.

Painting went smoothly. I sprayed this with two coats of grey primer, and then painted it with blank acrylic mixed with Mod-Podge. This paint-glue mix is something I learned about from watching crafting videos, and is supposed to help seal in projects that are made from many different materials. I then painted it with straight black paint.

I brushed everything with copper to give it highlights, and then painted the wires copper, gold, iridescent bronze, and various combinations of those colors to add variety. I gave it a wash using raw umber oil paint mixed with mineral spirits, to add weathering and tie the colors together. Some parts got too dark, so I painted on some more highlights, then sealed it with two layers of liquid clear epoxy. The only parts I didn’t seal with epoxy is the inside and the eyes, which I sealed with a brush-on varnish.

The mesh in the eye area is removable. This took about 50 feet of conduit cables, 30 feet of wires, 50 glue sticks, and 5 bottles of superglue to make.