Left front of black cloth-mache mask with long, thin curved beak pointed downward. It has prominent cheekbones, and golden-copper metallic highlights.

Primary materials: Cloth, glue, metal mesh, tape, aluminum foil, acrylic paint, metallic wax.

The is the third in a trilogy of similar shapes, after the First One and Liliana.

When I made the First One, I was inspired by the Witness mask from the 12 Monkeys TV show. The Witness mask has a long, curved beak. I wasn’t able to replicate the beak too well, and it went in the opposite direction on Liliana. I like those masks, but they didn’t accomplish one of the primary design features I wanted.

So I thought, “Okay, I’ll make a really minimalist mask, but get the beak curve right, and I’ll cover the whole thing in metallic wax.”

I thought it would be fun to mirror some of the anatomy from the First One, but make it more elegant and graceful.

This is the first mask where I put black cloth in the eyes. It’s held in by magnets and can be removed.

Front of black mask with golden-copper metallic highlights.
Right front of mask with long, thin curved beak pointed downward, prominent cheekbones, and golden-copper metallic highlights.

Originally I envisioned this being completely covered in metallic wax, so it would look like bright, shiny golden-bronze metal. I decided to put down a base coat of black paint first. Once I started putting on the metallic wax, though, I thought it didn’t need to be covered completely, and would look cooler with just highlights.

I wanted a long curved beak, and this pushes that as far as it will go. It is wearable, but if I look down, the beak hits me in the chest. This mask demands a formal posture.

Overall I’m happy with it. I set out to make it a certain way, and I made something very close to what I envisioned. There were no particular hiccups in the building process.