Tall, narrow wooden mask with a white face and black eye slit across the middle. Red, saw-tooth patterns with black accents around its edges.

Materials: Pine, glue, epoxy putty, acrylic paint.

This is mostly made of pine boards I found in a dumpster. The scroll saw was definitely my friend here. My vision evolved quite a bit as I worked, and this became taller, more symmetrical, and more complex.

Bold colors seemed appropriate for the paint. I wanted to mirror the swirling outer shapes of the wood with swirling inner shapes of paint. Making the thin lines between the red and white took a long time. Finally, I sprayed it with sealer that is mostly a satin finish, but which adds shiny hints to some areas.

Right side of mask. The layering of the wood sections is visible. It is strapped to a mannequin head supported by a grey pole.

I made the straps from a combination of rope, Velcro, and leather. The inside is unpadded and painted much like the outside.

Though the eye slot looks narrow, vision is quite good in this. There are two small air vents in the lower half of the mask, and because this doesn’t wrap around the ears, hearing is completely unobstructed.