Small blue mask made of water bottle plastic. Wiggly black patterns on face with bottle spout coming out right cheek. Golden, silver, and black designs on crown-like forehead.

Primary materials: Plastic from gallon water bottle, braided thread, markers.

I haven’t counted how many bottles it takes to make a plastic mask. But I know a single project can run through a lot fairly quickly, especially if it needs multiples of a specific part of the bottle.

Would it be possible to make something interesting if I limited myself to just one bottle? This seemed like a good challenge.

Cutting out the eyes correctly was the most difficult part of this. It’s very easy to cut a sheet of plastic from the edge with scissors. It’s a lot harder to make symmetrical openings with a knife, and with the one-bottle limitation on this project, there were no do overs.

Certain plastic sections I cut from the bottle naturally formed a crown-like shape, so I decided this was a good time to test out some metallic markers.

This mask uses about 95 percent of the water bottle. The only parts I didn’t use were small trimmings and the thick plastic ridges that are on the bottom of the bottle. It’s very light weight and quite comfortable to wear.